Latest Draw: Wednesday, 22 / 03 /2023 , Time: 01:45 MYT


The Draw Management Section of Lottery's Security/Law Enforcement Division conducts all draws with a representative present from a firm of independent certified public accountants (referred to as an "independent representative"). Draw procedures governing draws are documented in written form and approved by the Lottery Director. The independent representative must attest that each drawing is conducted according to written procedures. The independent representative has the authority to stop a draw at any time prior to or during a draw if they feel the integrity of the draw has been compromised. In this event, the independent representative must submit a written report to the Lottery Director noting the draw deviation observed and any actions taken to complete the draw. During any draw, two video cameras are used to tape the entire draw process.

All onsite draws are conducted in a secured draw room at the Lottery's Headquarters draw site in Genting Highland. An independent representative must be present with Draw Management staff in order to unlock the door to the draw room. The draw room door is sealed with a numbered, metal seal. In order to enter the draw room, this seal must be cut and removed. The seal number is recorded in a logbook kept inside the draw room and is verified by the independent representative and Draw Management staff. The draw room is also alarmed and monitored 24 hours a day via video camera by the Lottery's command center.